Customer comments

I am delighted with the "oh so soft" cannula which I just received a few days ago. It completely did away with ear irritation I experience while wearing a conventional cannula overnight. I hardly realize that I am wearing it. Thank you for publishing your article last issue about it and to Paul Thompson for developing it. It is a great product and I highly recommend it. Earl Richmond, Arizona

I had ordered one of the new soft cannula's that you made. It came this past week and it is wonderful. I hardly know that I am even wearing one. It feels especially good at night when I go to bed. Thank you very much. Bill Anderson, Wisconsin

The nose piece is what I had in mind..I just love the cannulas they are so soft and easy for me. It is so gentle on my skin. .. I am enjoying the use and it is so lite weight. Nancy Peterson, Maryland

I have been on oxygen therapy for about ten years on a 24hour a day schedule. During this period of time I have had a sore nose most of the time and my ears hurt constantly. This has been a real source of pain and aggravation. The soreness inside the nose causes concern that it might develop into cancer and is always worrisome. When I read of Paul Thompson's efforts and new discovery in the Pulmonary Paper Volumn12 no.3 dated July/August 2001, I immediately responded and sent for an adult cannula. I received a very quick response from Paul Thompson and I started at once to use the new cannula he sent me.

In a matter of only two days, my nose had healed and is no longer sore and my ears do not hurt at all any more. I am free of any pain for the first time in years and it is like a miracle has been performed. I am normally a very conservative person who looks at things very cautiously and critically and yet I can't say enough good things about this new product. I am convinced that this product deserves consideration by each and every oxygen supplier in the world for distribution to their clients. Raymond Breno Sr., Ohio

Yesterday I received one of Paul Thompson's soft cannulas and used it last nite. I couldn't even tell I was wearing a cannula, I had to keep checking during the nite to see if it was still on. This has to be the most comfortable cannula ever made. Bill Holford, Colorado

It works beautifully..............That's why I ordered another one!!! Audrey Slein, Illinois

I received the tubing and cannula that I ordered in the mail yesterday. I wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with both. The cannula is much softer and the tubing really does lie flat on the floor. I hope that they soon will become available through our medical suppliers. Sincerely. Rita Slater, Pennsylvania

The cannula that we just purchased from you is exactly all you said it would be. I am going to order a few more. Jim Gardina, Florida

Cannulas received. Exceptionally soft. Thank you. Will be in touch to reorder. Jim Henry, Ohio

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the cannula. It is everything and more that it was to be! Thanks so much. Judith McLuen, Iowa

Thank you so very much from me and all other O2 users! ! The cannula and tubing you developed is wonderful! At this time, I only need to use the oxygen at night but in the morning a lot of the time, I would have a deep impression on one or the other cheek. It would take forever to go away. This creation of yours has helped relieve that problem. Sandra Webb, West Virginia

Dear Paul,
First of all, I want to thank you so much for these wonderful cannulas.  I can't believe that someone could make something as wonderful as you have. I always had a very sore nose. Those other cannulas are horrible. You must love your Aunt Dolores very much. I am happy to say that so many of us will benefit from your labor of love.

I recently went to have some Pulmonary Function testing done. The Respiratory Therapists were amazed with this cannula. I sent them a copy of The Pulmonary Paper and your new price list. I look for you to get several orders. I will have a check in the mail for $16 for two more cannulas. I never want to have to use any other one again. Thank you, and I wish you many good blessings. Sincerely, Irene Sudano, Ohio

Paul, I ordered a cannula from you recently and it is WONDERFUL! Pat Head, Florida

Hi Paul
Received the cannulas today, 10-9-01. Thank you ever so much for sharing these with us. Good luck to you, Judith

Paul...Wednesday I received the 50' tether and two hoses I had ordered from you. I hooked up the tether immediately and now, twenty-some hours later, find that I am hopelessly hooked on your product. My wife, who has had to listen to my tirades regarding my previous tubing, said "Quick! Order another one!!!". So tomorrow (as soon as I find your website) I will post a check to you for another tether. Congratulations on developing the better product...Thanks Ted Volante

Just a note to tell you how happy I am with your cannula's. They were all very comfortable, love the short nose prongs. Also the flexibility of the tubing is outstanding!! Can't say enough good things about the D-6 dual cannula, love it!! Too top it off your prompt delivery was sooner then expected. I'll be placing another order very soon. TIGERMAN, California 

For the Cannula that I just got in the mail a few minutes ago !!!!!!  WOW !!!  I'd have written  right the second I got it, but I HAD to try it on and once I did I was mesmerized.  It's everything you said it would be !!!!   AND MORE !   With all the other ones I've tried, for one thing, it always had a lot of oxygen leaking out.  I don't hear any leakage.  Before it was quite loud.  And it is sooooooo comfortable.  I can understand people waking up and night and thinking they didn't have it on.  It is very comfortable.  Now I'm really excited thinking of the hose coming one of these days.  I tried to get the hose on this one to tangle.  NOT !!!  So it stands to reason that the 50' would not tangle up either.   I told Lincare about ordering it today.  I asked if they carried it... I knew then didn't.  I told them that when the hose came, I would let them see it and the invoice.  I'm praying that maybe they would handle it.  I'd be more than willing to pay extra just to get these.  Right now I get my supplies free as I signed a hardship form.  But I'd pay to get these for sure. Cheryle Salas

Just got the cannulas you sent--put one on right away...Wow!  sooo soft.....I love it.. I'll let you know---in a few days how I am doing with it---Thanks!!  Sherrie, Florida                         

A message from my Aunt Delores in Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Dear Paul:
Thanks for forwarding the e-mail referring to your 50 ft. supple hose as "heavenly hose".  This is the most apt description I have heard to date about this hose, which I don't think you stress enough.  Never having been tethered to an oxygen concentrator you have no idea what a frustrating problem the conventional hose is.  Due to the conventional hose being stiff, it easily twists and tangles and as it has a "memory" the act of straightening the hose only makes it tangle easier the next time as the memory of the twist is still there.  My husband often had to untangle me twice a day.  I had to sit down as he disengaged the hose at the concentrator and removed my cannula while he was straightening it out.  If I was having a bad day breathing wise, I would use my portable oxygen during this process.  This was annoying, to say the least, and at times my oxygen supply did not go through the twisted hose again giving me a big problem. My husband was as much a prisoner as I was.

I have my concentrator centrally located so that I can reach most areas of my home allowing me freedom to move around as best I can.  However, when I moved to remote areas (such as bathroom, bedroom or computer room), I had to make sure my husband was here because if my hose kinked or twisted or came loose from the concentrator, I was in tough shape.  This made life difficult for both of us.  There were times that he had to be outside to do yard work  or go to the store so I made sure I had what I needed and stayed put until he returned.  Until you are 30 feet from your concentrator and you lose your oxygen supply because of a twist or the hose comes loose-you don't know what a panic situation you can be in. No air, no way to get to it, and no one to help.  This can keep you sitting still when you are alone.

Since I received my "heavenly hose," these twists are a thing of the past.  I can now move freely throughout my home without fear of the hose twisting and shutting off my oxygen supply.  The only thing I do is hold the connector between my cannula and 4 ft. connector hose where it connects to the 50 foot tether and if I get hung up on something I do not have to worry about losing my oxygen.  I simply backtrack and loosen the tether and go on about my business.  My husband feels free to be outside, go to the store and resume a more normal life.  I feel free to move about my house with far more freedom and life is much more pleasant.  Living with oxygen 24 hours a day 7 days a week is no picnic, but at least your "heavenly hose" has made my problem much more bearable and I thank you. Please let people know how wonderful the tether hose is.  I truthfully don't think you know  how much this has helped and I hope others in my situation can start using this great hose and regain some freedom and peace of mind that I have experienced. One more thought-when cold weather arrives all of your customers have a surprise in store for them.  This hose and your cannulas do not react like the conventional hose and get stiff and unyielding.  It stays soft and supple, the nose pieces don't feel like ice picks in your nostrils and going out in the cold is no longer a problem. Wonder of wonders! I know whereof I speak as I have field tested this equipment or quite awhile and I will only be happy when the day arrives that your comfortable cannulas and supple "heavenly hose" are mass produced and available to everyone.  I would like all users to be as comfortable as I am.
Love, Aunt Delores   

They are really great--I will never go back to the old kind. Lynn Anderson, DeLand, Florida.

I just can't tell you how great this feels,not only on my face but my ears feel better already. After 5 years of misery I can't say thank you enough. Sally Miller, Newfield, NY

Dan absolutely loves the new cannula and the piping is unreal. It lays flat on the floor and gives him the advantage of getting into the shower without all the twists and balling up. Now I have to go back and order more. Keep up the good work. Thank God for you people who try to do something to make this terrible disease bearable. He hasn't lost the cannula at night and doesn't wake up with the headaches from having it fall out. It sort of "sticks to his face" and that is a real plus. You?re the best!!! PS He is even less crabby, hope it is the new cannula and not the zoloft kicking in. Thanks Sheri

I got an announcement of your "better cannula" in my rehab class at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. Some people in the class ordered one and sing their praises. Are you still selling them? If so, please let me know. I would like to order one. Thanks very much and thanks for your concern. Kennell Jackson

I'm more than happy to recommend your product to others, as I find your cannula's to be VERY comfortable. I'm also impressed with the personal touch and concerns for your customers that you most certainly have shown from day one. (Hard to find that type of sincerity any more) Thanks for your help!! Bill Edmunds

Several weeks ago I wrote and said that I liked your cannulas very much, but that the nose prongs were too short for me. You thoughtfully sent me a cannula with longer prongs. Chris included a note asking how this new cannula works for me -- it's great!! Just my size!! Sorry this reply took until now (I was trying to get the last bit of "mileage" out of the old one before trying the new one). Keep on producing this type of tubing..Thanks again for your help, and God bless! Bill Wright

Love the 50' line . . . cannula is also great! Marianne

I'm amazed again. In just about 30 hours since starting to use your cannula I have had less nose trouble than I was having. I thought it must be a temporary fluke, but perhaps not! If having a better cannula stops or even reduces the frequency of nosebleeds - well, WOW! this should be shouted from the housetops! I had already printed out your web page info and will be giving it to a friend tomorrow night (after showing him the actual product). I'm quite sure I'll find others to tell. I've found that an oxygen tank is a great conversation piece. I've been approached in stores, in theaters and in the street by strangers who have a mother, husband or friend who uses oxygen and has been saddled with a big, clumsy tank. I don't have a 3.4 lb.Helios (YET!) but a 5 1/2 pound "Companion" that is much more maneuverable then the 10 lb. "Stroller" which seems to be the standard issue. I feel as if I'm conducting a one woman campaign to liberate my fellow oxygen dependents from lugging unecessary weight and bulk just because its cheaper for their insurance companies.AND, next time someone asks me, "Where did you get that cute little tank", I'll also be bending their ear about comfortable cannulas! Hazel Horti

BTW, this is the second cannula that I wore a month. I didn't know the date I started wearing it, but yesterday I decided that it was getting a bit sharp and I have so very many of them .... so I just got out a new one. I always save the old ones in plastic baggies though. They are a whole lot more comfortable than the Salter ones. So, without knowing it, I took the cannula off and changed to a new one at exactly one month time. Neat, huh ? That is a excellent selling point for you. I defy Salter to find a customer that wears theirs for a month or even close.... unless it was out of necessity for some reason. I don't want to use those dumb Salter cannulas!!!Cheryle

I've really been enjoying the cannulas and am ready to order more. I wash mine and, so far all is well. I think I can use as long as they don't get hard or show signs of "falling apart". I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I got to sort of test my new Helios cannula the other day. We've been having some real cold weather and I went off with my husband to feed the cows. Well, after we were on our way I reached down to take my cannula out in order to put it on. Hadn't done that inside as I was in a hurry. The firmer part of this newer variety was cold and it was sort of hard. The part going to the nose was soft as can be. I was alarmed at first and re-checked in a bit. Was I ever happy to see that it had already gotten a bit less firm and even when I went outside and stayed it was just fine. I really think this will work. All I can say it that I am immensely pleased and thank you guys so much. Hope all is well with you. Stay warm. Peche

I did not realize how wonderful your cannula's are until I went back to the others that I get from my supplier. Within two days, I was having nose bleeds again. Thank you! Dona L. Lahm

I wanted to let you know that the new Helios cannula arrived today. It is wonderful! Just perfect ?and- absolutely no smell. Can?t be beat. Thanks so much. You?re providing a wonderful service.- Elinore Klein

I have been using the cannula you produce for several weeks, and I would agree -- it really is the most comfortable cannula that I have ever worn. You have a good product. Bill Wright

In my earlier post I mentioned that I went with my husband to see his doctor. Well, this doctor's office is at the same hospital that I use to go to rehab....for about 3 years. I always stop by Pulm. Rehab to visit with the Therapists and the few that were there when I use to go. Well, they weren't familiar with the Helios as Lincare and Apria in the Baton Rouge area don't handle them. They were raving on and on when the girl from Cardiac noticed the cannula and I extended it to her. She was thrilled with the softness and thought the firmer line was great. She asked for me to send your information to her so she could be able to tell the Pulmonary group about it. Don't know who was or my husband!!!!!! He's so happy that I found something to make wearing the 02 a bit more pleasant. I will get the info to her and hope that some of the folks are interested. First thing she said is that if it were her on 02, she'd be willing to pay a bit for those. I hope the people on 02 feel that way. Anyway, I was so happy about it that I thought I'd let you know. Keep up the good work. You guys probably don't know just how much your work means to us.
Thanks, Collette

Good morning Paul, I received your cannula and flow regulator. I have to agree--the cannula is the world's most comfortable cannula. Jeanette Vielhaber

It is amazingly comfortable. I don't feel I'm wearing a nose piece and the first day I kept touching it to make sure it was in place. I've worn it several days and slept with it on each night with no alarm signal from the concentrator.
I highly recommend Mr. Thompson's company for the quality and comfort of his products and his willingness to extend his service to guarantee a satisfied customer. Perhaps with a larger volume of customers, his prices will decrease for the cannula. $16 to 20 a month is not too steep on a low, fixed income, but it sure would be difficult to go back to the old hard, ill-fitting cannula.
-Chris Thomas

Mr. Thompson - when I got home last night the package was there. Thank you so much - this stuff is great!
- Shirley

Your products are great and so much more comfortable for me.  Thanks, Susan

Found out about your great cannulas via the EFFORTS website.  They are great - even though I can get Salter "free" ones from, Apria Healthcare, my oxygen provider.
Cheers, Rich

You may not get many compliments, but those of us stuck with oxygen tubes up our noses sure appreciate the difference between your product and those scratchy "standard" tubes that irritate our tender tissues.

I was looking for a cannula that was soft, but also one that did not have a plastic smell.  I have been nearly nauseated by the cannulas I am currently getting through Apria. Last night, I used your cannula for the first time, and it was terrific, soft and none of that nagging smell.
- Kennell

Your work has given me a life that is bearable with this horrible disease.

 I received the soft canula and they are great. My ears get so sore from the hard canula. Once again, Thank you. Forrest M

I received the cannula Saturday and it is the softest on I ever saw.  In fact, I receive more oxygen with it because of the perfect fit in the nose.  I will be ordering more soon.  Thank you. Jack F

You have a great product. A friend had sent me one of hers to try, I love them. Thanks again, Mary K

Thanks for making your stuff available. It's a God send for me-Karen in (much warmer) Arkansas

What a difference. My nose is so sore. I just received your package, put on the cannula and what a difference ... not rubbing the soreness. Feels so good. Had to trim the nose prongs just a fraction. Thank you so much.

50 ft just got connected and I can already enjoy it being so much softer and lighter. Jan H

I really love the way it handles and it being lighter than the old tubing  I don't experience the"drag " on the cannula that the old tubing caused. Thanks for the extra footage.Happy Holidays  Joey

Mr Thompson, I just received the 50' hose and cannula and I am so happy with them. I had stopped using oxygen except at nightime because of the discomfort. I am now able to stay on oxygen full time, if I wish to. I have been on oxygen for only about a month, but could not stand the discomfort, sore nose and nose bleeds. They are a thing of the past, I hope. Thank you so much for this great product.  Mary K New York

I got my 50 ft. hose and 2 cannulas!  Cannot believe the comfort!  And it feels so light weight following me.  Thank you, thank you. Shirley  

MAJOR difference in the cannulas.  Yours are very comfortable.  I will recommend them to anyone. Mary B

I do just love the soft hoses, cannulas  and all. Dona D

This is just so amazingly more comfortable than I had ever thought it would be. Caro

Received my order yesterday. The six foot hose worked out great. Your product is unbelievable, so much more comfortable. Any chance you can market your product so that it is covered by insurance? Just a thought. Will definitely be ordering more from you and will pass the word to my friends who have copd. Thanks, Sue

I placed my first order with you in mid Dec. I had been hearing about "softhose" for ages in the copd forums that I get into, just hadn't tried....

I was so shocked and happy at the difference they make! I can't even begin to tell you the relief I felt, instantly! thank you so much for making these...

I have placed a new order for more!!!! thanks again
Wendy V

The only thing that has gone right about oxygen for me, so far, had been your cannula. It is so soft, so forgiving, that I truly don't know if it's in place (took a few nighttime wakeups to determine!). Each night when I put it on, I think of my mother and how much she would have liked something so tender on her fragile skin during the last years of her life.
Thank you so much,

Received the "soft cannulae" this afternoon.
My wife tried it and was very impressed. It was indeed soft.
I made a bee-line to our medical supply house and showed the manager the sample. His jaw dropped.
We deal with Lincare who have 90 nation wide offices. They will be in touch with you.
Good luck

I have received the softhose and I love it. I was just wondering how often I should change it . I talked to one gentleman and he said he has had his for over a year and never changed it . What do the rest of your customers do ?
Gwen Griggs

Chris....I'm so glad to hear from you as I thought that I lost know you always answer promptly and I was ready to panic as I could never go back to the other cannulas after using yours... in fact, I have to tell you that two weeks ago I went for my follow up exam with my pulmo doctor and he remarked on how great my cannula was and I told him it was the softest and the best ...he asked me where they could be purchased and I gave him your name, I'm sure you'll be getting some new customers.

All I can say is WOW! And of course...thank you for developing this wonderful hose! I no longer have 'face dents' or behind the ear irritation and most importantly....the nose piece is SO comfortable! The cannula is so light weight that I hardly know I have one on my face! The hose I purchased from you lays on the floor and I no longer have all that tangled mess in the house and if I happen to step outside for a moment...the hose does. NOT get rock hard when it is cold.

Thank you! I am off to order more! can certainly add this to your customer comments!

Deb Fortune

Slumming by Su Lum

An oxygen breakthrough
I was trolling around on the internet looking for oxygen supplies and came across a listing for the world?s most comfortable cannulas. I clicked on the site,, and was intrigued to read that Paul Thompson, an engineer in the medical industry, had invented this cannula for his aunt Delores when she was put on oxygen, to make life easier for her.
Cannulas are the "bridles" of plastic tubing that oxygen patients wear: two prongs up the nostrils, over the ears and cinched under the chin to keep it in place. The psychological problems of getting used to life on the tether are, to understate it, huge, and the physical problems with the cannula run a close second.

The cannulas hurt your nostrils and hurt your ears. If you don't cinch them tight enough they tend to wander. For the first couple of years I was on oxygen I had to tape the tubing to my face at night because I would rip the cannula off in my sleep and throw it on the floor. Even now, after 6-1/2 years of toughening up, it takes several days to break in a new cannula.
So when I read that Paul Thompson's cannulas addressed every hateful complaint I'd ever leveled against the cannulas currently on the market, I immediately winged my $8 check to San Diego.

What I received by return mail was, hands down, the most comfortable cannula I have ever worn. You can barely feel it, and it stays in place without cinching! Instead of stiff plastic, the tubing is almost as soft as cooked spaghetti; it hangs lightly over the ears and rests gently in the nose.

Five minutes after putting it on, I knew I had to get some of them for my mother, who will be 99 next Monday, who is on oxygen in New Jersey and whose cannula keeps ending up in her ears or up on her forehead, is always hurting and abrading her nostrils and has to be adjusted constantly.

Paul's wife Chris, who handles all the mail requests, rushed my order (10 cannulas for $50, very reasonable) to coincide with my impending visit, and it was the best present I could have taken to my mother, who is bedridden in a semi-fugue state but kept commenting that "this thing" was "so much better."

"This thing" should be the cannula of choice for every hospital and oxygen provider in the country (make that on the planet). When oxygen patients get wind of it, they will demand it because it's the biggest oxygen breakthrough since liquid oxygen and Helios tanks. Those were big ticket items and this is a very medium ticket item that can make a big difference for everyone on oxygen.

One of the major cannula manufacturers, Salter or  Puritan-Bennett will surely buy the patent for it and it will, ideally, become standard equipment.

Or maybe they will buy the patent and sit on it, preferring the cost savings of the present cheaper models.
Meanwhile, I'm going to stockpile, and urge all of you on oxygen or who know people on oxygen to try these cannulas and start spreading the word.

Su Lum is a longtime local with no personal or financial connections with the Thompsons. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times


The cannula was the best thing I could have brought to her; she said it was very comfortable and it STAYED IN PLACE! No more adjustments every ten minutes.

You are very generous and I appreciate it. Retired 18 years ago and just one pension increase in all that time...have to watch the expense. But your products are absolutely irresistible !!



Dear Paul Thompson,
I received your cannula and can say without qualification that it is the BEST! It is super comfortable and, most important of all, it stays put. I have been on oxygen 24/7 for 6 years and have tried them all--there's no comparison. I hope you're gearing up for mass production, because when the growing world of oxygen patients find out about it they will demand it from their oxygen providers, just as they did when Helios was invented. I hope you get your patent quick and corner the market.
It was exciting to read about your flow control valve, a handy device I've wished I had many times.
Meanwhile I will take this cannula for Show and Tell at my pulmonary rehab (exercise) class and will demonstrate it to my oxygen providers. Your invention is a real breakthrough and I love you for it!

Su Lum
PS--Bitter experience taught me that the reason the tubing kinks and ties itself into knots is because the providers provide patients with solid (translate: cheaper) plastic connectors. If you use the ones that swivel, the knots disappear.

I did notice that the softhose cannula has the feel of a rubber band, and as such tends to stay in my nose better than the salter labs cannulas. I have always had a problem of the cannula falling out of my nose when sleeping, and would wake up with air being blown into my eyes (or my neck). Your cannula tends to stay in my nose while sleeping. This is a MAJOR bonus!

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I went for a check-up last week and I asked my doc if he had been showing the cannula you sent to any of his patients.

He said that "indeed he had", and that many of them are interested in them. He also said that he was very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the cannulas.

So, I hope you are (or will be) getting some extra orders from this part of the country.
Thought you might like to know how impressed the doc was!
Hope things are going good for you.
Your friend,

Beverly Watts

Chris, Got your nice note. Glad to hear my efforts are apparently stirring up some business for you. I'm sure all those people will be as pleased as I am with your products!

As you know, many, if not most, of those with COPD are on fixed incomes, but when they get a chance to actually look at and handle your cannulas and tubing, and they understand what a handy little gadget the valve is, many obviously consider it money well spent. I know I do.

I'll keep "beating the drum" whenever I get the chance.

Dear Chris, I received my new cannula's in the mail today. They are fantastic! When I get back from vacation I will be ordering tubing. Thanks for a great product.

Dear Celeste:
I am in rehab with Mark Mangus at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

In the Mar./Apr. Pulmonary Paper, you wrote about some new products being offered by Paul Thompson in San Diego. I was particularly interested by the "point of use" oxygen flow regulator that was mentioned. I need quite a bit of oxygen, about 5 liters, when I am "up and about" during the day, but only about 2 liters when at rest (watching TV, reading or sleeping). Unfortunately, since my concentrator is in another room, it is difficult to keep adjusting the oxygen flow, so it generally remains set at the higher level, even when I sleep at night. The result is dried out sinuses and plugged nasal passages, which triggers nosebleeds and chronic nasal sores, along with the occasional sinus infection.

I immediately ordered one of the flow valves, and it would not be over-stating to say it has significantly improved my quality of life. I have not had a nosebleed in the two-plus months I have been using it, since I no longer have a gale-force wind whistling through my nose while I sleep. Furthermore, Paul's cannulas, which are very comfortable, have solved another problem: Anyone on 24/7 oxy will tell you how rough on the ears it is when you stand up and realize too late that your foot is on your oxygen tubing. The result is a sharp jerk that nearly separates them from your head! I developed sores over my ears that were there most of last winter. Well, Paul makes all his hoses of a soft, stretchy material that g-i-v-v-v-v-e-s when you hit the end, providing ample warning to avoid pain.

Another major nemesis we all face is snarled, tangled hoses. Paul has come up with a hose that is snarl proof. Apparently made of the same material as the cannula, it simply will not tangle.

I've demonstrated these items for two Better Breathers groups locally, and they were well received. The only downside is that Medicare will not pay for them, but they are so superior to what I get free from my oxygen supplier, and are priced so reasonably, I don't mind paying. (I spent about $100 for enough to last me a year or more.)

Thought you might like feedback from not only a satisfied, but a thrilled, customer. I would urge anyone interested to contact Paul or his wife Chris at (858) 748-5677, e-mail, or check their website at (lots more testimonials there from happy users).
Ken Carter

Hello Chris:
I purchased one of your Cannula's and it is GREAT!. My next Doctors appointment (Kaiser Permanente), I will show them your Cannula with my comments on how great they are. I'm ordering 10 more for myself and will give 2 of them to my Doctors. Maybe they will do something to get Kaiser interested.

Do you have hose connector's?. I want to customize the length of my hose's.
Thank You,

Don Peterson

Have you attempted to get your product approved by Medicare? It certainly should be. I will be seeing my pulmonologist in a few weeks and will talk to someone on his staff (you know how much time a doctor has to spend on a patient quick in and quick out unless in dire shape)

The first pulmonologist I went to is a woman, Dr. Lynn Keenan, in Seattle. I am "Group Health of Wa" their main clinic is in conjunction with their hospital in Seattle. They have two clinics close enogh I can get to either, but tdo get tdo lSeatdtle is almost impossible. She is the better of the two, more progressive.

I just could not battle the traffic to get to see her, and when I found that the other pulmonologist, Dr. Lewis, came to within 15 miles of where I was living, I switched.

I think Dr. Keenan would be more receptive to recommending your cannulas for patients who find the harsh ones the oxygen companies furnish. I am sure she will be interested in the "made-to-order" service you have.

Your product is so much better it shuld be made available through the oxygen companies by mandate!

Would like to order some product, but I have questions as I am new to this.

Also, would you be interested in a distributor in the Dallas area? I attend a number of Better Breathers Clubs Meetings each month, and EVERYONE I know would LOVE your cannulas. I would like to consider being a mini-distributor. What are your thoughts?
M. Gorman

I received your site from a very good friend in the San Diego area.She has one with the control and loves it.
Frankie Alford ,my friend keeps me updated with all new medications and anything that will make my life a lot better.She has never failed me...

I hope you don't mind,I printed the information and sent it to the people that supply my oxygen and they said that they will look into it. I hope they do,it will make a lot of people happy not to have sore noses any more..
I will be ordering a set this week

Thank you for this great product..
Joe Riddle
Wilmington Delaware

Good and Bad news regarding the demo I did this morning at the local Better Breathers Club. The Bad: the rehab tech in charge of the meeting forgot about it, and consequently didn't alert their oxygen stalwarts to show up, so there were only two "24/7" people among those attending. Wasn't all bad, tho. I was sharing the program with a company that provides oxygen, etc., supplies to home patients; they were there pitching their sleep apnea equiptment. When they finished, I gave a pretty good speal, if I do say, for your cannulas, the 50-foot hose, and the valve. I took a spare cannula along so the "oxy's" could try it out, let them play with the "no snarl" hose, and had rigged an "E" tank with the valve and short cannula so they could see now it worked. Ended by passinng out copies of your price list and business card. At the end, I got a spontaneous ovation from all present...including the four guys from "the competition," whom I had suggested should look into providing your vastly superior product for their customers so Medicare would pay. The head guy left with a price list & your business card. I lost his card, but it was Hometage, or something like that.

Pretty sure the 2 Oxy's will order, and they promised to tell all their friends.

Ken Carter

Hello Chris,
I'm so happy. I just received the 50' tubing and the 2 canulas.
They have all exceeded my wildest expectations!
I cannot believe how EXTRA SOFT they are!
They smell really good too. You did a great job on these and I am so grateful to you for sending them so fast.
Best regards,


Thanks a lot Chris, I just worried because of Pay Pal. We love your products, without them Dan would be miserable, his skin is thinning so much and the extremely comfortable cannulas really help him. Thanks again

OK, Ken. I received a bunch of responses right away. I can alway count on you guys. The company's web site is and their product is unbelieveable. It's what I used for two years prior to my transplant and BOY did that give my nose a rest. It was especially great for sleeping.

Paul and Chris Thompson are sweethearts. They promptly work out any questions or problems you may have and you feel like you are calling a neighbor instead of a business.
Give them a try, if you can.

Mike in Maryland

Received the tubing and cannulas this afternoon. Good service. Love the 50 ft. tubing, what a breeze to deal with compared to my oxygen supplier tubing. Your product is certainly making my daily living on oxygen tolerable. Thank you again for your quick service. Will reorder as needed. So far my first cannula is doing fine, but I'll probably change it tomorrow as has been 2 weeks.

Diana Rinehart

My Apria service man was just here and I told him about your great cannulas. He was familiar with them as he has a client here in Tulsa (or the area) who also uses them. He also told me how great the 50 ft. tubing is and it really lays flat.

Dear Mr. Thompson,
I am a respiratory therapist and run a pulmonary rehab program in Springfield, MA. Yesterday at our Better Breathers meeting, one of our attendees told me he got one of your flow valves. He uses 3 or 6 liters and reports your product to be great! I have been talking about this for years. Of course my idea was more cumbersome using electronics on a watch type arrangement. Your ingenuity is to be commended! I would like to help you promote your product in the pulmonary world of oxygen in our area. I belong to a Council of Pulmonary Service Managers where all the area hospital Respiratory Managers gather for quarterly meetings to discuss current issues and products. I would love to bring a sample of your cannulas and flow control valve to that venue and also evaluate for use in our rehab setting. We are always giving multiple flow ranges for rest and exertion with no easy way to manage it. You have come to the rescue!!!!!!!! In my book you rank up there with Thomas Edison! My sincere thanks and congratulations on a very needed product.
Donna Hawk, RRT
Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator
Weldon Rehab Hospital at Mercy Medical Center
233 Carew ST.
Springfield, MA 01104

I just wanted to say thank you very much, I received the parcel last Friday, & my mother was delighted with the soft tubing, particularly the cannulas, which were every bit as comfortable as your website states. Also the valve works great.

Thank you for your time & patience with this order.
Kind regards

My oxygen supplier (Apria) uses Salter Labs products and I definitely do not like those. The facility where we exercise
(owned by St. Peter's Hospital in Albany) have cannulas available when we forget our own and they are a product of
Allegiance Healthcare of Illinois. The nose piece is much more comfortable than the Salter products so I brought one home
for use here. I am sure this is much more information than you needed to know on a rainy day

Thanks for taking a personal interest in my "above the shoulders" problem and I pray your rain will stop and spring will be just around the corner.
Sally Devine

Chris, Received my order and was amazed on how soft and flexible the hose and canula were. I slept with the canula last night and still had my dent in the cheek problem, but it faded in about 4 hours?I sleep HARD!!! The canula nosepiece was very comfortable, but I will have to nip the length of the prongs a bit?but I think that will do it. Otherwize, next time just a snitch wider may be better, but I am very very satisfied and just wanted to thank you again for your assistance.

I am going to mention your company to my respiratory RN as her company has kept me supplied with canulas at no cost? However, they weren't able to come up with anything that I could comfortably wear and I think they should know about your company. I don?t know what kind of ?deal? they have with Salter, but your product is much more convenient and comfortable and well worth the cost to me. Her name is Pat Blackwelder, and her company is Air Options, 2233 E. Main, Montrose, Colorado 81401. They have several locations in Western Colorado.
Nancy Borman

Package came yesterday. Check goes in the mail today.
I'm really surprised at how soft and "limber" they are. I used the new cannula during work-out this morning. What a change!
I mentioned before that I'm new to Oxygen equipage. I know there must be many my age and older who are still "working out".
This AM as I exercised, I thought of the coiled air and water hoses I have seen, and how nice something like that would be for oxygen hoses.

Especially during workouts and when driving the car. Do you know of a source for such a thing? If not, why not go for it ?
Thanks for the quick turn around and thanks for the break on the price also.
Bill Motley

Hi Chris,
I wanted to let you know...I received my cannula's today. I really appreciate the great service. You have a great product. A friend had sent me one of hers to try, I love them.
Thanks again,
Mary Kremer

Good evening-
My 10....C-O cannulas got here today in perfect order.
Thanks for making your stuff available. It's a God send for me-
Karen in (much warmer) Arkansas

Hi Chris,
I would like a seven foot cannula. Your products are great and so much more comfortable for me.

I got the new tubing...... YIPPEE!!!!!........ and new cannulas......even more YIPPEE!!!I I had worn the previous cannula far too long and they get to the point that they are hard to keep on and just plain uncomfortable !! Also, I know that I should only keep the same tubing for just so long, in order to be safe. It felt so darn good to be breathing through the new tubing and with the new cannula !!!!! I could sure tell the difference !!! Thank you for getting them to me so quickly, Chris.

I'm sending this message to you on the new MailStation from EarthLink that i think I told you about I really like it. I can use it in bed or when sitting in the recliner when I'm needing to rest. During the times when I have to stay put in bed pretty much I can still stay in touch. I can only receive and send plain text mail. It drives me crazy not being able to use stationery and/or any graphics of any kind !!!!!! But it's worth it just to be able to stay in touch. You Know ?

Well, I'll shut down here as I'm pretty tired and need to get to sleep. Again, thank you so much for all that you and Paul do for me, Chris !!!!!
Talk to you later.....

Hi Chris:
My oxygen cannulas arrived today. Thanks for your fast service and also for the nice little note you sent me. I can't imagine getting by without a flow valve. It has made my life so much easier. It's too bad that every oxygen user it not aware of your products as they are so wonderful.
Shirley Stone

Hi Chris,
I am sorry I have been calling you everything but Chris,

I Love these hoses, I will be ordering the fifty foot now that I know for sure that they don't tangle, the flow regulator is super, who would have thought, apparently you. The soft cannula is like music to my ears, I have been suffering with infected ears the out side all red and swollen requiring Antibiotics and as my doc said its the stiff cannula, I think they are going to heal now. I am going to tell anybody and everybody how cool these are.

Thanks so much
Dona DeRoche


So relieved to have a friend in the U.S. that these exist. After she sent me a couple to trial I ordered a 10-pack. They are brilliant - forget about other brands. Softness prevents trigeminal nerve pain from pressure of the hose on cheekbones which was a problem sleeping using the usual hard cannula. Variety length/size of nasal-prong & distance between, allows for all shapes & sizes of faces. I cannot thank you both enough for this excellent product.
Joy, Australia.